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All Black Everything: Comic Blerd Challenge (6-10)

Peace & Love FH Friends,

I am so behind and I apologize, (don't tell Sam!). In my defense I am not behind on reading, just blogging, so lets just jump in.


#6) LEGACY OF THE VIEW 2 by Thompson & Shittlih (SPECKS VISION)

"The Legacy of The View is about a Southern Teenager named Chaz, an inspiring music engineer, that interns at his uncle's recording studio. He loves crafting the best sound for artists, but he has to balance it around being a high school student and defending the city against the howl."

We recently featured Legacy of the View in our January comic box. I immediately made sure to add 2 to my challenge. The artwork is aesthetically pleasing, I often find myself wondering what barbershop Chaz hits up on the regular. In comic #2 we learn more about the extent of Chaz's struggle to balance his personal life and the task of keeping the city safe. Our Heroes constant banter mid-fight puts me in the mind of Spiderman. I cant even lie, it got a couple of loud chuckles on my end. I love the breakdown of the Howl and can't wait to see who's actually running things, and why. Now to my favorite part, the real life featured artists at the back of the comic! Its a pretty LIT touch, especially knowing that Chaz is in the business.



#7) The Elements Track 1 by HIP HOP Endeavors

"Four heroes (A DJ, a break dancer, a graffiti artist and a master of ceremony) fight against the insidious forces of corporate exploitation in the music business to restore order to the cultural movement that is hip hop."

The Elements of Hip Hop was a good read. I adored the colors and textures added throughout the storyline, it really made everything more gritty and urban. I loved that our heroes are so in tuned that they are able to read the energy of people around them.

I'm going to be honest, the names were a bit cliché, the city of Hiphopolis, Turn Styles the DJ, you get the point. However, I like the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket vibes and I'm curious to see how our antagonist deal with their new found abilities.

Buy Track One Here!


#8) ONE PAGE COMIC COLLECTION by Emanuel Adelekun

"Two warriors square off in the middle of the desert. Love gets in the way of an assassin's job. A Sheriff has a showdown with an Outlaw holding his deputy hostage. These are just three of the stories in the One Page Comic Collection, a compilation of 11 diverse short comic book stories, all told from beginning, middle to end, within one page."

I love a good anthology. Its a great way to experience an new artist. This comic gave me 11 distinctly different artist to vibe with. Each theme, storyline and art style was its own and I enjoyed my journey here. 3 in particular really stood out to me and I plan to look into the artists later. Conveying an entire story in a single page is not for the weak of heart and I appreciate the thoroughness of the paneling, coloring, art and writing to do just that.

Find A New Fav Indie Artist Here!



"An epic saga about a band of youth born and raised to become monsters in order to be saviors of all humanity on Earth. High energy, action packed comedic SciFi Super Sentai Tokusatsu tale with an Afrocentric twist. Welcome to Aithiopia 2385 A.D"

Transparency Moment. I went into this comic thinking it was going to be BLAH. I judged a book by its cover. Trash Blerd behavior. But BABY, this is a banger. I love the art style, the afrofuturism, the lessons from Sensei Tokusatsu. He basically told me to get back in the dojo. (A common message I receive from comics, unfortunately I have yet to listen. Instructor Keith shakes his head in shame.) I cannot wait to read the next chapter into the world of Aithiopia!

Follow Sensei Tokusatsu Here!



"DayBlack is the story of Merce, a 400-year old former slave who now lives in that town of DayBlack, Georgia, which lies beneath the polluted clouds of decades of industrial waste that has literally obscured the sun. In fact, the town’s sky is so dense with pollution that the sun is nowhere to be seen, allowing Merce to move about freely, night or day."

Dayblack quickly made my top 10 favorite indie comics. The black and white theme with hints of red in this uniquely modern vampiric story gave me LIFE. Keef is a nonconformist when it comes to his work, every single page is a work of art. He often conveys an entire comics worth of plot structure in a single image and I LOVE IT. Living as a full-time tattoo artist, Merce has figured out how to get his meals without the hassle. In volume 2 Merce has to deal with hella family drama in the midst of his own woes. Definitely a MUST READ.

Buy Merch from Merce!



by David F. Walker and Marcus Kwame Anderson (TEN SPEED PRESS)

While this is not an independently publish graphic novel I had to give it a special mention for being a thorough representation for the historic events of the Black Panther Party from beginning to end. A must read for EVERYONE, but especially the youth.

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